I’ve noticed that I’ve made quite a few hats and thus decided to make a post for them. 🙂 I’n contrast to Mini Top Hats, I’ve found that full sized top hat tutorials are extremely difficult to find online. I had ended up using a not-so reliable DIY how-to which in result made my top hat (the red with verticle stripes) have a strange shape. More for show than for wearing. Maybe one  day I’ll get to making hat’s such as these.


When you discover something that makes life 10x better.

For me, that ‘something is’Gauche (Acrylic Watercolors). Officially my favorite paint to work with.


From Left to Right:

Stormy, 6.5 hours. First time using gouache. 🙂

A photo I painted from LilithLeFay on deviantART. 4.5 hours

Dr. Steel, 3.5 hours.

H.S.M: The Holiday Steampunk Masquerade

I’ve always wanted to go to a Masquerade. Always. After 17 years, my favorite local Steampunk band Steam Powered Giraffe gave me the opportunity to attend one. In preparation for this event, not only did I learn the Victorian Waltz, but I also created my mask. (Being broke and having a friend conveniently with a stash of  plaster made it clear I had to make my own.) Awesomely enough, I’ve had experience with mask making before, and with a better technique this time around, I’m happy with the turn out. 🙂  Now if only I could learn how to make legit Venetian masks…

Losina Art Center

Here are some of the paintings I’ve done during my time at LAC. Strangely enough, for the last painting (which is of Jody Ellen’s piano from Abney Park) Olya told me to stop painting, saying it was finished. It was extremely difficult to do so, but I complied. It now sits in my living room, the painting which was never finished…

Synthetic Dreads

An almost essential part of the Cyber Goth/Industrial style, Synthetic dreads or ‘Hair Falls” are perhaps one of the coolest things ever. Most sell online for $30+, but with a little A LOT of patience, some A LOT of steam and two colors of a “jumbo braid” I made a long pony tail for about $5.

Sketches of Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn is one of my favorite artists ❤

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