Comic Con is over… now what? (Future Cosplays)

Now that SDCC is over, my focus has been slowly leading out of cosplay, and into my reality. I’ll be starting college soon which I find absolutely thrilling. I declared Theatre (Design and Tech) as my major, and I hope to learn more about theatrical makeup and costume making.

I’m definitely going to be Raven and Korra again, but here’s a photo gallery of who I might cosplay next year. I also plan on venturing out to more conventions like AX. :3


Raven Photoshoot Sneak Peek!

The finished product of my Raven! More photo’s to come 🙂

Photo credit: My awesome friends at Gigadventure.


Legend of Korra Photoshoot 1

Alas!  SDCC has come and gone! But with it, comes a plethora of photos! I do hope to gather the group again, and take more photos with

my friends. 🙂

Raven Costume Making

Update on my cosplays for comiccon. Other then Korra, I will also be Raven from Teen Titans. 🙂

Some of the things I need to complete are her boots, gloves, cloak (which I’m making myself out of 5 yards of fabric @__@) and then just glue down the “jewels” to her belt. I got my leotard for the costume today and decided that I totally want to work on MAH ABS 😀